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CH1724 is a Low-speed up to 2400 bps), Low-cost modem module for embedded systems in process control, security, medical, point-of-sale, and remote diagnostic products.

The Cermetek CH1724 is a complete, low-speed modem in a compact module format. The CH1724 is a leadless surface mount, SMD, module. The CH1724 requires less than half the board space of the leading competitor and is less than half as tall as well. Despite being a low cost module, the CH1724 includes many advanced features such as; error correction, non-volatile memory for configuration storage and stored number dialing, and shared line features thereby permitting the CH1724 to unobtrusively share the telephone line with standard telephones and other equipment. Every CH1724 includes conveyed FCC Part 68 registration and Global Telecom compatibility. This eases the compliance burden on the designer adding of security, process control, medical monitoring, point-of-sale, or remote diagnostic systems.
$41.06 each

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