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The CH4390 is an Embedded Wireless module. This transceiver operates at 900 MHz with Frequency Hopping, and provdies 300 mW output for wireless sensor networks

The Cermetek CH4390 900 MHz modular radio retrieves wireless sensor data. Patented SensorOnAir technology permits the CH4390 to remotely retrieve data from individual sensors and manipulate control lines. The CH4390 provides access to 5 dedicated analog inputs and 12 programmable I/O pins. The CH4390 incorporates a proprietary mesh networking protocol. This protocol was developed in corporation with Sandia Laboratories and supports point-to-point, star and tree networks. Any CH4390 can be configured as a Network Coordinator, Router or Endpoint. Configuration is accomplished through simple Text commands entered into the serial port. The CH4390 includes FCC Part 15 modular certification. No license is required for customers who design this module into their systems.
$72.90 each

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